Day 281
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Leading Lines


Backbone (def): the chief support of a system or organization; the mainstay.

The St. Lawrence River flows from Lake Ontario to the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. This large body of water was the backbone for many Indigenous nations in Canada, is, and has been a backbone for moving peoples, and for trade and exploration. 

Looking down the St. Lawrence from this point you can see the clock tower which signifies the start of the Old Port to Montreal. Known as the Sailor's Memorial Clock, it is for members of the Royal Canadian Navy who died in WWI. Those who fought for freedom are a backbone in our society, for our freedom. And Time is a backbone that shapes and directs us all.

There are many backbones, to our mornings, our days, and our lives. Draw our eyes to at least one today.


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