Day 13
Picture Basic
Negative Space


Negative space lends its self very nicely to landscape photography.  While the subject is the 'main event' the negative space around it alters how the viewer perceives it. Where you place your subject and how much space you put around it changes the mood of the photograph.

In my sample photograph, I placed the small barn to the far right of the photograph to give the feeling of vast space in a prairie environment.  By using a great deal of negative space, I tried to convey a sense of how big the sky and land are in comparison to the human element.

I also placed the barn and land on the bottom third and highlighted the sky adding another element of vastness.  As for the 'vibrance' part of the prompt, isn't that Alberta sky a vibrant blue?

Get outside and try a landscape photograph today incorporating vibrancy and negative space.  If that is not possible, a still life, or portrait using negative space and a vibrant colour would make for a perfect photo of the day!  


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January 2023

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