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“Swanky”--meaning luxurious and expensive in a flashy way--was a word I often heard coming from my Texas families’ mouths. “Man! That sure is a swanky house/restaurant/outfit!” At the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, I gazed in awe at the storefronts of the swankiest names in fashion like here at the Saint Laurent store. Only at the storefronts, mind you, because I didn’t feel privileged enough to step inside! I did buy one thing, a flashy--but affordable!--pencil sharpener in rose gold.

Anything swanky in your life? A decadent treat? A new nail color? Even if it’s just while window-shopping, show us what would make you feel a little swanky this week. For my photo, I cropped it on the diagonal to give it a little attention-getting edginess. Didn't cost a dime!


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