Day 10
Picture Basic
Negative Space


The moon is quite influential, affecting time, tide and light.  And those things influence many aspects of daily living.

Today's moon is waning gibbous.  The light on the moon has decreased to about ninety-two percent since the full moon four days ago.  This is still enough light to try photographing the moon.  Here are some simple tips to help you to photograph the moon.

  • Use a tripod.  If you don't have a tripod, place your camera on a stable hard surface.  It is also helpful to use a remote trigger or delay to avoid any camera shake.
  • Use the longest zoom lens available to you
  • Follow the Looney 11 Rule: Set your aperture to f11 and your shutter speed to the reciprocal of your ISO.  For example, if your ISO is 100, your SS will be 1/100.
  • Keep in mind that these settings are a point of departure.  You may have to adjust them for your environment.

This photo was taken with an 80-400mm zoom at 400.  f11, ISO 200, SS 1/200

If the weather does not cooperate today, try photographing some other influential object in your world.


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