Day 117
Picture You


We have all had to work hard to find harmony in our lives over the past year.  To do that we've had to change, adapt, and find "a happy song" in places that are unfamiliar.

A positive of the pandemic for me is that I began running.   I believed I could do it, and I did.  Adding to that challenge, is having to wear a mask when running on public trails.  It's not ideal, but it is what is best for everyone at the moment.  Rather than look at the downside of the situation, I embraced the opportunity to find one more way to surround myself with this year's words of encouragement to myself.  I am amazed at how powerful carrying a consistent encouraging message with me can be.

Do you have a meaningful word or phrase that you turn to for encouragement, to find harmony when the world feels out of tune?  Photograph where you find encouragement.


Daily Prompts

April 2021