Day 113
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Fill the Frame


Power - Strength - Force

Powerful objects grant those that wield them untold powers and strength.  Examples in our daily lives are tools such as hammers, sporting equipment, vehicles, common household appliances and even instruments of knowledge such as books and computers.  

I couldn't help myself from hiking into a field in 3 feet of snow when I spied an antique combine.  I walked all around it and was marvelled by the power of this magnificent beast.  I took a lot of macros of its inner works because the workmanship is astounding and the patina too hard to pass up. The power these combines gave to our farmers is also a powerful thought!

What can you find today that is a powerful tool in your life.  Remember, it is "fill the frame' week so get in really close and personal and show us your POWER.


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April 2021