Day 93
Picture You
Currently - Picture My World


Do you remember where you were on January 9th of this year?  Do you remember the photo that you took on that day?  If not, go back and look because you will need to revisit that spot again today.  This is my photo from January 9, 2021, one of my favorite local running/walking paths.

Today's Picture Your World prompt invites you to photograph the same location four times throughout this year documenting the changing seasons along the way.  You may choose a different perspective or choose to include different subjects in these repeating photos, but try to make it obvious to the viewer that they are seeing the same location.

Once you have taken today's photo, create a diptych using it and your January photo.  There are many phone apps that make creating diptychs simple.  This would be a good day for everyone to share your favorite way to create collages, whether they contain two photos or ten.  You can also use Photoshop or Lightroom, as well.  


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