October 2022


There is always such a feeling of change during this time of year isn’t there?  The colors of our world start to change – the weather changes – the light is different – everything is changing…

Back in March, we worked on taking photos during the golden hour.  That light can help create some of the most beautiful photos. Usually around October, we see those beautiful golden hues more pronounced again. 

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the time of year when we feel a bit cozier – the heat of the summer months has passed, and we can get outside more readily and comfortably as the days start to cool down.  So, we encourage you this month to get outside before we lose the beautiful light to the upcoming winter when the light changes and things start to feel drearier and darker.  Get outside and find those beautiful colors before they fall from the trees and get buried beneath the snow.  For those in the Southern Hemisphere, it's springtime which allows you to get out there and explore more as well.  This month may be a great opportunity for you to capture new life and growth all around you. 

We encourage you to shoot in manual mode because manually changing your exposure can be such an incredible way to manipulate the beautiful hues that Autumn or Springtime brings. Photography is all about light and this month we encourage you to see the light in different ways.  We are going to go through these October weeks focusing on leading lines, distorted (picture you week), minimalist, and the color orange.

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October 2022
October 2022

Each month is broken into 4 weekly themes: Picture You, Picture More, Picture Color and Picture Style. These are meant to fuel your imagination, keep you engaged, and challenge your creativity. They give you the opportunity to see the same things in different ways.


Possibly the biggest challenge, but it allows you to chronicle your life and to be included in photos for loved ones who want to have photos of you, even if you don’t like how you look that day. You don’t HAVE to be in the picture every day, but we would love to see you.

During Picture You week you will notice some sub-challenges:

Sunday Selfie
Sunday of Picture You week you’re encouraged to take a selfie, nothing fancy, just your wonderful face.

Picture My Hands
What are you doing today? Show us what you’re doing or holding from your point of view and be sure to include your hands.

Picture the Alphabet
Have you seen the letter “E” in a fence or “O” in a ferris wheel? Find letters in your world, or, if you can’t find them, make them even with just a piece of paper and a marker. Let the letter stand out! You will see two letters for the prompt. We want two photos in a collage for your daily photo. By the end of the year you will have 26 letter photos to make words.

Picture My World
This is a quarterly challenge. We are hoping you can return to the same spot 4 times on these days to document the changing seasons in your world or in your life.


Let’s get technical! This will challenge your creativity with a technical agenda. In these weeks of your year you will look at repetition, triangles, diagonals, textures, centred photos (to name a few!). Don’t be shy to ask for clarification, camera settings or any tips and tricks. We aren’t magicians here, we share our secrets!


We will focus on a specific color chosen by the Creative Team for these weeks. You can include a little of the color, go completely monochrome or anything in between. You will likely find that this is one of your favourite weeks.


Landscape, food, golden hour, still life, street, minimalist are just some of the styles you will be encouraged to play around with to try out something new. Some of these might be a little out of your comfort zone. Our hope is that by the end of the week you may have discovered something you love. You might find style in your original photo or add some style in post-processing.


Along the way you’ll notice a few added monthly challenges sprinkled in to give you extra inspiration.

Macro Monday
For this prompt we encourage you to get in close. Grab your macro lens, macro filters or just crop your photo in post-processing. This is where we can focus on the little details.

Scavenger Hunt
A quarterly challenge where instead of one prompt, you have 9. Take the 9 photos and make a collage. If a scavenger hunt is a bit beyond you that day, see if you can challenge yourself to fit 3 prompts in three different photos, or all nine in one. Make it work for you and your day.

Picture Recreate
In this challenge, all we want you to do is recreate an existing photo, whether that’s a Pinterest photo you’ve been wanting to try, a photo from a fellow 365er you loved, or a photo of you and your siblings in the bathtub when you were 5. As always, you can be as creative or literal as you want.

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October 2022

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