Day 325
Picture Color


This week is all about chasing rainbows!  Today, we are on the hunt for radiant rainbows.  The word radiant can be defined as, “sending out light or glowing brightly.”

One of the things that I love about this community is that their are so many people  who send out light through their friendship.  This photo was taken at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens while visiting with fellow community member Larraine Formica.  It truly was a magical place and a magical day!  The Magic Gardens were filled will all kinds of glass through which the light passed making it truly radiant.

In  case you can’t visit the Magic Gardens today, try finding rainbow colored glass around you.  You can also create rainbows by using a glass prism, or other glass object that creates a prismatic effect.  Have some fun chasing radiant rainbows!


Daily Prompts

November 2021