Day 321
Picture Style


Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.  I myself have a hard time with 'simple'.  I tend to overthink and overdo everything!  

Night photography can be simple and fun! Why not try some cityscapes!  Remember to be prepared for the elements in November when you take your photograph.  I always make sure I take a flash light because trying to see my camera buttons can be tricky in the dark.  Remember safety too and take a friend if you are venturing downtown as I did. 

I made sure my camera was set on manual.  My settings were ISO 200, f11 and I used a 30 second exposure in order to let all that beautiful light into my camera.  I also manually focused my lens. I made sure my camera was on a tripod and I also used a remote to take the picture thus avoiding camera shake.

It  would be so lovely to see the city lights of your home town. Or just take a picture of something simple at night!  Already that sounds complicated....


Daily Prompts

November 2021