Day 189
- Self Portrait
Global Forgiveness Day

"Forgiveness offers the possibility of two types of peace: peace of mind ~ the potential healing of old emotional wounds, and peace with others ~ the possibility of new, more gratifying relationships in the future." Author Unkown

It's that time of the month when we encourage you to get in front of the camera. Don't fret this time we are asking for just a little! Your Hands! 

Let's focus on our hands and the story they can tell. Before you get started, though. consider your focal point? Is the object your holding the focus? Is the focus the hands themselves? Maybe your hards are just part of a much larger scene and that is the focus. Need some inspiration?  Try a quick google search of "hand photography."   You will quickly discover the the posing options are endless. 

In the sprit of Forgiveness - Wishing you all a peaceful day!


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