Day 202
- Macro Monday
Moon Day

Today is a tough one - Moon Day and Macro Monday.  I love photographing the moon, but, unfortunately, today is a new moon and the moon will not be visible in the night sky; so, we’ll focus on the macro part of the prompt.  Macro photography is all about making the small details of an object or environment look bigger than life.

In this photo, the tiny Lego minifigure looks bigger than he really is.  I chose to focus on the details of his silhouette, especially the tiny paintbrush in his hand.  Placing the moon in the frame was an added challenge.  It is always fun to see how we can make objects interact in a photo.

Be creative!  Find something small, get in close and make it look bigger than life.  For an added challenge, place a second object in your image to create a bigger story.  Consider playing with silhouettes, shadows, something round (since the moon itself is not visible)... the sky is the limit! 


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