Day 206
Picture Basic
Wide Aperture


Often when we think of a journey, we think vastness - time and distance covered between here and there.  We also tend to photograph "the big picture" - landscapes and architecture - while we are on that journey.  Sometimes, howerever, it is the small details that we need to capture because they are the things easily forgotten once our journey is over.

Our church choir did a two-week concert tour and was the choir-in-residence at Bristol Cathedra;, UK.  I remember vividly the awe-inspiring architecture and the sounds of our voices echoing, seeming never to stop.  But, I likely would have forgotten this small light that stood before me every afternoon as we sang Evensong.  This little light speaks wonders to those two weeks.  Journeys happen within as well.

Wherever you journey today, far away or into your own backyard, focus on a small but meaningful detail of today's journey that would likely be forgotten.


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July 2023

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