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For me, my favorite snacks carry with them many fond memories of people and places.  My college roommate and I had a thing for PopTarts; and even now, 40 years later (Yikes!), every time I see Pop Tarts, I think of her and the many memories that we made together.  Now, one of my favorite snacks is Cheetos.  My BFF gave me the Cheetos t-shirt I am wearing in this photo right before the pandemic started.  Little did I know then how much yarn, silly memes, and Cheetos it would take to carry me through this last year.  Though parts of the year were tough, Cheetos make me think of her and that brings a smile.  I look forward to the next time my friend and I can sit together eating Cheetos and knitting - perhaps with orange yarn to keep the adventure stress free!

What snacks spark good memories for you?


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July 2021