Day 94
Picture Style
Still Life in a Box


A flatlay is a type of still life photography.  The primary objective is to collect items that together tell a story, lay them flat, and shoot looking down.  Sounds easy, right?  Collecting and arranging items sometimes can be more challenging than you might think.  Here are some quick tips to help you create a meaningful flatlay.

  • Think about the story you wish to tell
  • Choose a "main character" and a supporting cast
  • Keep in mind colors and shapes that are harmonious
  • Use a simple background, a solid color that is not distracting usually works best
  • Shoot straight down making sure all items, from front to back, are in focus
  • Even light that avoids shadows will yield the best results
  • Keep in mind the Rule of Thirds as you lay out your items
  • Try several different arrangements

In my image, my guitar is the main character.  Everything else helps me to be a better player.  My "box" is simply the frame.

Tell us a story by creating a "brilliant" flatlay today.  


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