Community Spotlight - Yvonne Devereux

by Danette - February 04, 2021

Welcome to the February Community Spotlight! This is the place where we learn a little more about the people who make up this incredible community. 

Meet Yvonne Devereux!

I live in Bristol England. I have been a keen photographer since the age of 11 which, in my case, was the pre-digital era. I spent many happy hours as a teenager in darkrooms (rather than dark rooms!). I have been a member of 365 for three years. I post photographs to IG @ whyemdev and FB – Yvonne Devereux.


What do you enjoy the most about photography?

Photography gives me the opportunity to put everything else to one side and to focus intently on the next photograph. It sets loose my creative juices, at least, it does so on a good day.

Yvonne D

What tip do you wish you knew sooner?

Before leaving home, check the battery is charged and in camera: one evening I was about to photograph the perfect harvest moon, I got my tripod ready and grabbed my camera to adjust settings … and nothing.

Yvonne D

What is the strangest thing you have ever photographed?

We were on holiday on the Greek island of Kefalonia. One morning my husband shouted out ‘the cat’s got a   lizard’. Sure enough, the cat had caught a lizard and is cuffing him with his claws, biff, bop, across the yard. It didn’t look good for the lizard. Suddenly, the lizard slips out of his tail – just leaves it behind, abandons it and shoots under a rock. The puzzled cat is left facing a twitching tail … I had had my camera to hand. Snap!

Yvonne D

What is your go to camera and lens? What is your process of editing and do you have a favourite app or editing software?

A Canon 6D and, for everyday use, a 24 - 105mm lens, though my 100mm macro lens is never far away.  I try to get the shot as correct as possible in camera. But we all need editing software. I work with Affinity Photo on my laptop. On my phone I use an app called ToolWiz.


Yvonne D

What photography goals or projects do you have planned for 2021?

I will continue with 365! I know I need to work on my editing skills, particularly, to improve my ability to work with composites. I wish to do more wild-life photography; we are not planning to go on safari, so this really means photographing creatures, great and small, in woodland and garden settings.

Yvonne D

I have loved getting to know Yvonne through this community.  She is an incredibly talented photographer and I thank her greatly for sharing a bit more of herself with us! 

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