by Garnett - February 20, 2023
The images are in from our first seasonal challenge! You are going to enjoy what the community created for Refraction Photography!
by Diane - February 09, 2023
In our first round of Picture Life week in January, I noticed how many of you commented on the fact that you really didn’t like taking selfies or including photos with you as the subject.
by Leslie - January 12, 2023
Get your 365 photos organized starting this month! At the end of the year, they'll be ready for collages, cards, and calendars!
by Kris - December 27, 2022
As I sit down to write this, I am less than a month away from completing my tenth year of taking a photo a day.  I have not skipped a day in all of those years.
by Lysle - December 14, 2022
We would like to introduce you to our new Creative Team for 2023!
by Kris - December 13, 2022
Of looking back at what was and what wasn’t, of remembering the highs and the lows, of feeling again the emotions of the past year’s joys and its sorrows, and of giving thanks for the mountaintop experiences as well as the simple moments of the everyday.
by Lysle - October 29, 2022
Can you believe the you have now been posting a picture a day for almost one year? That is an amazing feat of colossal proportions and you must be applauded and celebrated.
by Diane - September 29, 2022
I came across a number of unique challenges to help you pick up your camera and challenge your creativity.  Give a read through the suggestions and see if any of them resonate with you.  Is there one that you could try?
by Joy - September 01, 2022
You can take 365 days-worth of photos for your portfolio if that’s your goal and ability. However, it’s just as important, just as worthy, if what you take is 365 photos to create a photo diary or photo journal of a year in your life.
by Lysle - August 04, 2022
Come along on a virtual thrift shop trip with me!  It is always fun to bring a friend.  I have enlisted a few 365 Picture Today friends to join me in my thrifting.  We will also show you how we store our junk....err treasures!

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