Day 269
Picture Color


We are entering another color week:  PURPLE

Purple has long been representative of royalty. Did you know that purple is also associated with Spirituality, Luxury, Power, Fantasy, Playfulness, Love, and Extravagance? 

Today's prompt may tax your brain and creativity. A purple statue? Now is the time to think out of the box. The statue doesn't have to actually be purple (although that would be fabulous)! Perhaps you can drape something purple around the statue? Or you can stand with it while wearing purple? Find a purple prop to include in the shot? Get the idea?

My sample photo was taken in downtown St. Louis. I loved all of the purple flowers reflecting on the statue. If you absolutely cannot figure this one out, think about something that stays very still (statue-like), and include the color purple!

This week is all about the PURPLE!  Embrace it!


Daily Prompts

September 2021