Day 280
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Change can bring a sense of sadness sometimes.  That is especially true for me with the photo I’m sharing for our prompt of "bedtime" today.  Looking up at the bunkbed where my oldest slept while camping and seeing his not-so-small feet anymore is incredible to me.  Those 14-year-old feet are as big as his dad's now.  Physically, I see this young man looking down at me (now that he towers over me) and at the very same time I still see my baby boy and that, my friends, will NEVER change.  I am proud and thrilled and excited to watch all my children grow into the amazing people they are becoming, but it's fast...  faster than I ever could have expected.  And if I could change anything in this world, it would be that – just to slow time down a bit…  


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October 2021

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