Summer safety
Day 183 -

What do you need to keep yourself safe in summer? If it isn't summer where you are, what do you need for winter??

I need to have my sun glasses and sun cream. It never hurts to add your passport and mini me to the photo!



Day 183 - - Summer safety
Day 183 -

What do you need to keep yourself safe in summer? If it isn't summer where you are, what do you need for winter??

I need to have my sun glasses and sun cream. It never hurts to add your passport and mini me to the photo!

Day 184 - - Blue
Day 184 -
Color Day

In the States, everyone puts their “patriotic” on big time this month which means, red, white, and, this month's color, BLUE! In this street shot, I created a diagonal composition using pops of blue. They direct our eyes from the flag--the Colonial American Grand Union flag!-- to her hat, then the glasses, and finally to her map. 

Try a diagonal composition using blue today. And if you’re a Yank, then Happy Independence Day!

Day 185 - - Bits and Pieces
Day 185 -

Small fragments of something or a miscellaneous assortment of things are referred to as "Bits and Pieces".  

Bits and pieces can be an assortment of flawless imperfections or an organized arrangement.  You get to decide!  You might want to arrange a flat lay of various items in order to tell a story, as I did in my sample photo.  Or, as you go about your day, you may come across a situation in which bits and pieces are arranged naturally and you can snap a photo.  

Let's see your bits and pieces!

Day 186 - - Prompt Free
Day 186 -

Today is a blank canvas for which all of the other prompts have prepared you.

Keep your eyes open and have fun!

Prompt Free
Day 187 - - My World
Day 187 -
Seasonal Photo

It's time for our 7th seasonal photo of the year! If you've been taking yours in the same place each time, have you noticed any seasonal changes?--  Are they subtle or dramatic? 

If you haven't been in the same place every month, that's totally fine too! Just snap a picture of where you are and show us what your world looks like from there! 

Isn't it great to experience the world from different perspectives, whether it's the changing seasons, your daily routine, or when you are on vacation?

Day 188 - - Cheerful
Day 188 -

I'm a very cheerful person by nature. I smile often and laugh a lot. There are certain things that make me even more cheery!  One of those things is music. There is nothing like a great song to put me in a great mood!

Are you a cheerful person? What puts you in a really good mood?

Day 189 - - Temptation
Day 189 -

A glass of cold Belgium beer in the summer is always a temptation.  

Try to think of a good way to photograph your tempting subject. Think about which part you want to be in focus, by using a high f stop (4 or higher - lower numbers is high) and where you are making peoples' eye go to that first. I used the cherry beer to draw the eye to the third. A pop of colour always helps.

What will tempt you today?

Day 190 - - Paper Money
Day 190 -
Macro Monday

I’ve loved origami since I was a child. So not surprisingly, this prompt inspired me to fold my word of the day. If you’ve never tried it, origami can be a restful experience with a happy result. There are plenty of instructions online for folding dollar bills. A fun and easy one is a heart!

However you choose to photograph some paper money today, get in close because it’s Macro Monday!!

Day 191 - - Favorite time of day
Day 191 -

Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift.  That's why it's called the present - Bil Keane

What is your favourite time of the day?  Mine is most definitely the morning. I can hardly wait to get up and start my day. (Honestly, I wake up dreaming of coffee).

Today take a picture that tells a story of your favourite time of the day.  It might include a meal, an activity, a sunrise or sunset, or, a moon.  

Day 192 - - Inside
Day 192 -
Technical Day

Today's focus is on embracing our technical skills and refining our indoor photography abilities. Capturing images indoors may present challenges, but we have pulled together a few tips that we hope will help get you started!

  • Start with your light source - natural from a window or artificial like a lamp?
  • Choose a low aperture - typically F4.5 or lower - this will allow more light in.
  • Start with a low ISO - under 500 - this will help reduce noise and grain. 
  • Night Mode - some cameras and phones have this setting, an excellent indoor photo option. 
  • To enhance the contrast between light and shadows consider converting your image to B&W. 
  • Lastly, have fun and experiment!
Day 193 - - Seven
Day 193 -

July is the seventh month of the year so why not photograph seven of something.  Seven flowers, seven children, seven whatevers!  The possibilities are endless.  I bought this pinwheel to put on my lawn for Canada Day.  I noticed today that it had seven wings so it fits perfectly for this prompt.

What seven somethings will you photograph today?  

Day 194 - - Rule of Odds
Day 194 -

As a photographer, you have most likely heard of the "rule of odds."  The rule of odds simply states that odd numbers of subjects are more interesting than even numbers of subjects. When you are taking your photo today, notice whether it is more pleasing to have an odd number of items as your subject.

Day 195 - - Leisure time
Day 195 -

In my leisure time I am game to do anything that involves making stuff--knitting, painting, baking, playing music.  Leisure time can be even more enjoyable when you have a friend to join in the shennanigans!

How do you like to spend your leisure time?  

Day 196 - - Serenity
Day 196 -

While at a horse show, I caught my daughter gazing serenely into the distance on a warm summer afternoon. It was just one of those lucky photographic moments that only happen if you’ve always got your camera at the ready. 

What does serenity mean to you? Is it a place? An activity? A person? Enjoy capturing a serene image today.

Day 197 - - Hot
Day 197 -

"I wanna soak up the sun" - Cheryl Crow

In my part of the world it is summer and it's hot!  We all have our own ways to cool down on a hot summer's day.  I am lucky enough to live on a lake so 'chunky dunks' occur several times a day.  Take a photograph of what cools you down?  It might be a popcicle, cold beer, or running through the sprinkler. Or, on the flip side, take a photograph of what makes you feel hot!

Day 198 - - Night Life
Day 198 -

What does your life at night look like? 

All fun and games, chill and relaxed, scheduled and routine, or somewhere in between? 

Day 199 - - Dessert
Day 199 -

Now this is a prompt I can sink my teeth into!  Who doesn't love dessert?

Today I give you permission to treat yourself to something sweet for dessert just so you can photograph it.  After all, it is for a good cause.  The sacrifices we make for our 365 project are endless.

I'm sure we all will be drooling over today's gallery.  Enjoy!

Day 200 - - Thrift shop
Day 200 -
Challenge Day

Today is challenge day! Some of you are going to love this and some of you are going to hate this. If you are in the "love this" category, here is what you are going to do. Take yourself to a thrift store, flea market, antiques store, estate sale, yard sale, or any other "second hand" place of business. When you are there, try on something or hold something or just stand there...  but take a picture of yourself in the store.  This could be loads of fun and you might actually find some props for future photos!

If you are in the "hate this" category, please don't stress about it. Simply take a photo of yourself with something you have picked up second hand. It could be something you bought, inherited, or received as a gift. 

The bottom line today is to push yourself and half a little fun in the process!

Day 201 - - Single
Day 201 -

The impact of photographing a single thing is often influenced by its context.  One person in a theatre is always  a funny thing.  The image of this early arriver to see the musical Tina is more interesting because of the show's logo projected on the closed curtain--those big eyes looking away from the single person.

Find a single thing to photograph.  Consider how your background adds to the impact of your photograph.

Day 202 - - Golden Hour
Day 202 -
Guest Prompt

The Golden Hour is the time shortly after sunrise or before sunset. During Golden Hour (also called 'magic hour' the sunlight is warmer and softer, than during daytime. On a sunny day, in Golden Hour everything is bathed in golden glow.

In this example the subject is just a silhouette surrounded by the reflection of golden light in the water, but of course you can also put your subject in golden light. 

Oli Merten
Day 203 - - In my Hand
Day 203 -

A beer (bird) in the hand is worth two in the cooler (bush)...or something like that!

Today we are looking to picture your hand and something in it!  It's hot in my part of the world so a cool beer is a must!  What is in your hand today?

Day 204 - - Painted trees
Day 204 -

Get ready to put on your thinking caps for today's prompt! Unless, of course, you have access to actual painted trees. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking... have you included trees in your recent art endeavors, spotted a mural with trees along your commute, or maybe there is a tree that looks like a beautiful painting in your area? I'm super excited to see what you come up with!

This tree at Longwood Gardens totally looked like a painting from far away!

Day 205 - - Water sports
Day 205 -

Summer months are perfect for water sports.  When the weather is warm, cooling off in water is a great way to go.  If you are around any body of water you will surely find some form of water sport happening.  There are plenty to chose from, kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, just to name a few.

We spend one weekend each summer at my friend's cottage.  We spend a lot of time in the water.  My girlfriend was trying her hand at paddle boarding.  It took her a few tries but ultimately, she got the hang of it.  I stayed on shore and photographed her efforts.


Day 206 - - Bloom
Day 206 -

What is blooming where you are today? It could be in your yard, in the park, at the botanical gardens, or wherever you may be. Where I live in Southeast Virginia, when most of my other blooms die off in the heat, the plate size hibiscus shows off!

Day 207 - - Fleeting
Day 207 -

So many things in life are fleeting, especially in nature.  I am always torn between photographing the fleeting moments and simply being fully present and making the memory in my heart and mind.  That said, I am always a sucker for taking photos of interesting cloud formations and rainbows.

What are your thoughts on fleeting moments?  Are there some that you choose to preserve in photos and others you preserve in your mind?  Show us your thoughts on fleeting moments.

Day 208 - - In the morning
Day 208 -

Are you a morning person?  Me? Not so much so, but I do get up and manage to walk the dog most mornings.

Some days the light is flat, but I really do enjoy those days.  In the summer I find that full sunshine during the day makes for photos with a lot of shadows.  For this reason, early morning or late evening, when the day is still light, is the best time to take your shots.

I thought tha these weeds at the side of the lake made for a lovely soft shot

What will you photograph this morning?

Day 209 - - In the evening
Day 209 -
Picture Me

If one of me is good, are two of me better? Depends on who’s being asked, I guess. Anyway, this is how you’ll find me by 5 o’clock in the evening--posting the day’s prompt photo with an appropriately-timed beverage.

It's Picture Me Day. The days are about as long as they’re going to get, so it’s up to you to define “evening.” The important thing is: are you enjoying it? And what are you doing then? Cheers!

Day 210 - - Delightful
Day 210 -

Delightful: pleasing to the mind or senses, charming or captivating in nature, a great joy.

Take inspiration from today's prompt to do something purely for the joy of it. Pause to appreciate the beauty of what's blooming, savor an afternoon coffee with a friend, immerse yourself in a new book, or indulge in something yummy. We look forward to seeing and hearing all about it!

Day 211 - - Luscious
Day 211 -

When I think of luscious I think of sinking my teeth into a juicy piece of fresh fruit.  Fresh fruit is pleniful in the summer months.  I love strawberries and I found these to be quite luscious.  A little whipped cream on top and I have the perfect summer dessert.  

What does luscious mean to you?  Fruit, or something all together different?  Photograph it for us today.

Day 212 - - Gardening
Day 212 -

Gardening...  do you have a green thumb or do you not? I am in the "not" category. I certainly love fresh veggies and herbs. I have discovered that I can actually grow herbs in a raised bed and tomatoes in patio containers. It makes me happy to have reasonable success planting my garden in a small and unconventional way.

Show us your garden... or your neighbor's garden...   or it can be a flower garden or fairy garden. Whatever type of gardening resonates with you today, snap a picture of it!

Day 213 - - Where I Stand
Day 213 -
Where I Stand

It's the 31st day of the month so that means it is "Where I Stand" Day. 

Today let’s take a picture of where we stand from a straight on point of view.

Where do you stand today on your journey through our 365 Picture Today project?  


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