Day 9
Apricot Day

Today we are going to practice still life photography. Although it is apricot day, feel free to use any fruit available to you.  Still life (in painting and photography) is a work of art depicting inanimate subjects. 

Composition and lighting are the key to making a beautiful still life photograph. You can use natural light or studio light. Play around with angles and placement of your subject(s). The goal is to breathe life into something that has none. You, as the photographer, have complete control over the scene. If you are using natural light, make sure you have something to diffuse the light coming through the window and consider playing with a light reflector. I normally use a piece of poster board to bounce the light back onto my object, but you can buy a reflector or you can make your own using aluminum foil and cardboard.

Play with off camera lighting and off camera flash..  softboxes… etc. Try a variety of lenses..  Macro lenses will let you get in close to your subject. Telephoto lens give a different perspective with a shallow depth of field.

How can you make your ordinary fruit interesting today?


Daily Prompts

January 2020