Day 7
- Self Portrait
Bobblehead Day

Bobblehead - “A collectable doll with a bobbing oversized head representing a celebrity or a cartoon character.”

Bobbleheads are popular souvenirs and silly gifts. They often exaggerate the features of the person they represent. As photographers, we enhance the “good” in our photos, especially when it comes to portraits…and self portraits.

Each month we will put ourselves in front of the camera. Though many of us don’t like being the subject of our own photos, it is important to put ourselves in the picture. Our families need pictures of us just as much as we do of them. The good thing about taking self portraits is that you get to choose how you want to be photographed. In other words, you get to accentuate the positive. Photograph beautiful you today!

If a bobblehead was made in my likeness, what feature would I want to be exaggerated?


Daily Prompts

January 2020