Day 3
- Black and White
Drinking Straw Day

On January 3, 1888 the paper drinking straw received its patent, though the practice of consuming liquids through a tube dates back to 3000 BCE.

Straws themselves can also be a fun and inexpensive subject for a photo. Consider filling the frame with colorful straws. Using a simple stationary subject will give you an opportunity to perhaps try something different from yesterday’s buffet.

For a different approach to today’s photo, consider the straw as a leading line, a straight line right down into your beverage of choice. Leading lines in our photos draw the viewer’s eye to a particular point of interest in an image. Straws, roads, fences, an outstretched arm are all things that can be used as a leading line in a photo.

Where do I want today’s photo to lead?


Daily Prompts

January 2020