Day 24
Compliment Day - Red

You’re Awesome! Cute Haircut! Seeing your photos makes my day! That color is perfect on you! You’re an inspiration to us all! Way to go! You have the best laugh!  Couldn’t have done it without your support! You’re a lifesaver! 

Whether you received a compliment or give one, think about how to photograph it... Get Creative! For example; Did your spouse compliment you on dinner? Try a flatlay! Maybe you handed out acknowledgements for going the extra mile? Share them! Did your new haircut earn you a compliment? Maybe a selfie! 

Studies show complimenting others is an easy way to connect and it benefits both the giver and the receiver. The health benefits from these small acts of kindness are numerous;they  decrease pain and stress, increase serotonin, and a boost productivity-- just to name a few! When we receive a compliment it is as much of a reward to the brain as being given money. 

Thanks for being an amazing part of this community! 


Daily Prompts

January 2020