Day 20
- Macro Monday
Cheese Lover's Day

The third Monday of each month we are going to try Macro photography, Macro photography is getting in close to your subject, if you don’t have a macro lens don’t worry, get in as close as you can, then when editing the photo, crop so that you are getting in closer.  Macro is fabulous for showing the details.

I love cheese and when I follow a vegan diet in January, I thought it would be meat that I would miss most, I was wrong!  It was Cheese!  So even though I am asking you to show your love for cheese today, I most probably will not be having cheese today!  So if you don’t have cheese, let us think outside the box.

Cashew nuts, silken tofu or nutritional yeast, to name a few can be used a lot for a cheese substitute.

What is your favourite Cheese?


Daily Prompts

January 2020