Day 12
Pharmacist Day

Let’s talk about real life, shall we? I have hypothyroidism. When I was diagnosed about 12 years ago, I had gained 18 pounds in less than a year… I was depressed… I was tired… I was sluggish. This little pill is a necessity for me. It didn’t help with weight loss, but it restored my energy and lifted my depression. 

Many of us have to rely on medicine. I am thankful that a little pill can change my quality of life. Some of us are blessed and do not have to take any kind of medicine (my hubby is one of those fortunate people). Many of us take vitamins and supplements and drink nutritional shakes. Some of us may go to the drug store for toiletries and other products.

Happy Pharmacist Day….  without mine, I wouldn’t have the energy to write this prompt!  :-)

For my subject photo, I covered sensitive information with an emoji when I edited my photo. Add a little something extra when you edit your photo today. I used Photoshop Express for my little addition.

What can you add to your photo for a fun addition?


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January 2020