Day 11
Milk Day

Today you have permission to make a mess and have fun! We are going to photograph drips and splashes. You can take it to the level you want. Have at it! You can do some safe drips like the example photo… or you can go full on by throwing fruit into a bowl of milk. 

The first thing you should do is put some plastic or other protection on the floor or counter so that you don’t have such a mess to clean up. Also considering covering your camera with plastic. There are many video tutorials on-line but here are some of the basics you will need:

  1. A tripod (Or something sturdy and safe to secure your camera on)
  2. Fast Lens (use the fastest you have… prime is best)
  3. Remote trigger
  4. Set your camera to high speed or burst mode
  5. Off Camera Flash if you have one.



You are going to take a lot of photos… you are going to make a lot of mess. Embrace it and have fun!

Got Milk?


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January 2020