Day 10
- Guest Prompt
Houseplant Day 

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Most of my houseplants are plastic, but I purchased this succulent last Fall and I’m going to see if I can keep it alive.  During the winter I shoot a lot of my photos inside a lightbox.  You can tell that the light is coming from the top, but I really like how it brings out the stem and the flowers at the top.  I also like to shoot against a black or white background to make the subject stand out.  Using the rule of thirds helps direct your eye to the main subject, the flowers.  The negative space can be used for some text if you like.

If you don’t have any houseplants, it's a good excuse to pamper yourself with some flowers from the grocery store.  Have fun and play with your subject and try different backgrounds or light coming in from your windows.  Make use of some negative space by adding text to your photos.  

If my succulent has survived I will use it for today's prompt! 

Thank you to the team for asking me to be their first guest prompt writer!!

Peggy Pryor

Daily Prompts

January 2020