Day 44 -

Let's twist again!

What can you find today that is twisted?   There are a lot of twisted things you might consider: pasta, twigs, bread sticks, rope, string, springs, screws....or licorice! You choose.



Day 32 - - Frame from Video
Day 32 -

What is Frame from Video? 

It is story telling day!  Today is the day you get to be both producer and cameraman in your own cinematographic image. Imagine yourself with a video camera in hand filming your very own movie!  As you scan the scenery in your film, stop when you find the subject within your scene that you want to highlight!  This is when you  snap your photo.

In my sample I scanned the mountains and 'clicked' when I noticed the skiiers coming around the corner and into the frame.

Day 33 - - Share the love
Day 33 -

Don't you just love when you happen upon something that is there solely to brighten your day?    In my case, it's painted rocks or shells being at the beach. Someone spent time collecting, painting, and placing them, so people they don't know could feel like they found something special in their day! 

Share with us the love you find as you go through your day!

Day 34 - - Selective focus
Day 34 -
Scavenger Hunt

Selective focus isolates the subject of your photo or isolates the portion of the photo to which you want to draw  the viewer's eye.  While isloating the subject, the rest of the photo will be out of focus, even blurry.  If you are using a DSLR, use the widest f stop of your lens.  If you're using your phone, try using portrait mode.  If you need more information on selective focus search on google and you'll find all sorts of articles on it.

It's our first scavenger hunt of the year.  Use selective focus in 4 ways; looking up, looking down, looking through and get in close.  

Day 35 - - With Help
Day 35 -

"Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends" - The Beatles

We all need a little help from our friends every now and then.  This little photographer is getting a little help with how to compose his shot.  Photograph where you turn for help?  Friends?  Family?  Books?  Nature?

Day 36 - - My World
Day 36 -
Seasonal Photo

This is the second month of our My World prompt.  Remember that spot where you took your photo on January 5th?  Head back there today and take photo #2.  Are you able to see differences from last month to this month? 

If you can't get back to the same place again, that’s okay.  Just show us your world today, wherever that may be.

Day 37 - - reflections
Day 37 -

Reflected subjects make beautiful pictures. A subject caught behind a window reflection adds intrigue. It’s especially effective with portraits, but a simple vase of flowers will work. 

And it can be faked! 

It’s easily done in any app that allows double exposure such as Snapseed. Here’s how.

Take two photos, one of your subject indoors and one of an outdoor scene. (Streets work well.) Blur the outdoor shot in the app for even more believability. Open your subject and layer the outdoor shot over it. Adjust the transparency, pinch to enlarge, and move it around until you're satisfied. It will now look like the subject is caught behind the window! 

Reflect on what you will shoot today!

Day 38 - - Outside
Day 38 -

I like this place and would willingingly waste my time in it - William Shakespeare

Outside is my favourite!  It is yours?

Do yourself a favour today and go outside!  You won't regret it.  Take your camera and take a picture of something in the great outdoors!

Day 39 - - Pink
Day 39 -
Color Day

Today we are on the hunt for PINK! 

Since pink is one of my favorite colors I'm filling the frame and including all the shades!  

What about you? A little pink or a lot?

Day 40 - - Slide
Day 40 -

Is it cold enough where you are to be sliding about?  Well, sometimes at the time of year here in Belgium, the lake has been known to freeze over, sometimes even enough for people to be sliding on it, but I don't think I would chance it.  

I went down at sunset to the local lake and found some geese sliding on the water. By getting down low, I managed to have only the one main subject in my photo and also a bit of a reflection from the goose and the trees on the far bank.

Will you see someone sliding around, or using a slide?

Day 41 - - Withered
Day 41 -


Look for something withered and really hone in on the details. This time of year (in the Western Hemisphere) you should be able to find some great subjects. I added some texture to the background to make the withered rose pop.

Day 42 - - Touch
Day 42 -

Sometimes the weather is terrible and you have only yourself to put in the photo.  On this day, I touched my hands together and formed a heart, even though I most probably was a bit annoyed at how bad the weather was being.

What will you touch today and tell us what you think about it?

Day 43 - - Comfy
Day 43 -
Macro Monday

Pets always know where the comfiest place in the house is. Piper’s shearling bed is covered with TWO hand-knit blankets. Not only that but it catches the warm afternoon sun. We call it her Princess-and-the-Pea bed. 

It’s mid-winter...or mid-summer. What defines “comfy” for you? Furniture, clothes, pillows…? Will you or someone else be in the photo? Take a moment, get up close (comfortably close--it's Macro Monday), and shoot it. Now relax!

Day 44 - - Twisted
Day 44 -

Let's twist again!

What can you find today that is twisted?   There are a lot of twisted things you might consider: pasta, twigs, bread sticks, rope, string, springs, screws....or licorice! You choose.

Day 45 - - Heart
Day 45 -
Challenge Day

Today we offer you a HEART photography challenge and ask you to recreate it! 

Grab a book, or it could be a magazine, lay it open, take two pages and then bend them in on themselves. Voila, a HEART! Place your camera or phone level with the book and snap! 

Feeling creative or have time to play? Add your own twist. I went for a heart silhouette by placing my book in front of a window. You could also add bokeh or a blurry background by using a low f-stop (f2-f4) and focusing on the center of your heart or even add a fun filter for some magical effects. 

No time to play thats OK too! Challange yourself to find a heart as you go through your today.  

Day 46 - - Something Mid Air
Day 46 -

My niece took her 5 year old and 3 year old to a local trampoline place.  They had a great time but I think she liked it the most of all.  I followed them around with my camera and tried to get photos of them in the air.  This is the best of the bunch from that day.

Today, photograph something in mid-air.  It can be a person, an animal, a raindrop, a bird, or just about anything.  Remember, to catch movement and freeze it, try using a fast shutter speed of 1/250 or higher.  

Day 47 - - A Message
Day 47 -

A good friend sent me a care package when I was under the weather.  It came with a puzzle that I had to put together in order to read the message.

What messages can you capture today?  A message in a bottle? A text message? A letter? A billboard or sign?

Day 48 - - Prompt Free
Day 48 -

Today is a blank canvas for which all of the other prompts have prepared you.

Keep your eyes open and have fun!

Prompt Free
Day 49 - - Something at Night
Day 49 -

Night photos always grab our attention. This was taken at the Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre celebrating the annual grape harvest in France. Wine wasn’t the only thing for sale! Have you ever seen so many types of sausage?

Night shots can be tricky if you’re trying to catch the action. Use a higher ISO, and wide aperture (low f/stop) to let in as much light as you can so that your shutter speed can be reasonably fast. 

Whether you shoot some action or prefer something stationary, enjoy the difference a subject taken after hours can make.

Day 50 - - Clean vs Dirty
Day 50 -
Technical Day

 In photography, sometimes 'clean' can mean a simple or minimalistic photo and 'dirty' can mean a busy or visually complicated photo.  What is too much and what is too little?  It is a highly subjective topic and what might be too busy or too plain to you, may be visually appealing to someone else.

Something to consider when taking your photograph is to ask yourself what is 'my story' and is there a better way to compose it?  Are there distracting elements in my frame that are taking the viewer's eye away from or compteting with my subject?  Are you 'stuffing' your scene with too much information, or does that added stuff add to your story?  If you are using mutliple subjects, try to make sure they work together and assist each other. On the other hand, If you are taking a minimalistic photograph, you need to make sure that the subject is interesting and comfortable to look at. It is a fine balance!

I am guilty of adding way to much information into my photgraphs, but I am guilty also of loving something really eclectic and fun!  I enjoy both 'dirty' and 'clean' photographs.  Today take either a dirty or a clean photograph, or both!

Day 51 - - Keepsake
Day 51 -
Guest Prompt

Keepsake: (noun) something kept or given to be kept as a memento.

When we travel I have a tendency to acquire new critters for my ever-growing menagerie that 

resides in my china closet.  These three little bison found their way into my bags while we were in

South Dakota.

Connie Gill-Straubhaar
Day 52 - - Sushi
Day 52 -

Do you like Sushi?  Me, not so much.  I'm not a fan of raw fish.  I was at a loss as to what to photograph when the prompt was a food I really didn't like.  But, when going through my archives, I came across a lot of photos of raw fish in one form or another.  This photo was taken in a market in Spain.  They're tapas more than actual sushi but it works for me and is probably as close to sushi as I'm going to get.

If you're a fan of sushi, use today's prompt as an opportunity to treat yourself to some.  If you're not a fan, see how creatively you can  interpret the prompt otherwise.  Raw fish, fake sushi, a photo of your actual dinner, a stuffed fish...the choice is yours.  

Day 53 - - A Coin
Day 53 -

My hubby empties his pocket each night into a drawer that is now full of coins.  About once a year we take them to the bank and deposit them. Do you spend your coins, save them, or toss them aside?

Day 54 - - A Pet
Day 54 -

Life is better with a pet.  Show us a pet that makes your life better.  It may be a dog, a cat, a bird, a horse, or a pet rock.  

Day 55 - - Action
Day 55 -
Picture Me

It is quite hard to get an action shot, but hey, my fellow walkers helped me to take a photo by being on their phones. I sometimes get them to jump around, but sometimes they aren't in the mood.

Maybe you can get a photo of you walking towards your camera on a tripod, or walking away...  

Just include yourself in the photo today!

Day 56 - - Drama
Day 56 -

Drama adds mystery and interest to your photograph.  In photography, 'more' is sometimes better than 'less' as it really draws the viewer into your shot.  You can achieve drama in your photographs by using a number of different techniques.  Shadow and light, bokeh, blur, exposure compensation, strong colours, and editing tools are all techniques you can use to add drama and change the mood of your photograph. 

Today add drama and mystery to your photograph by using one of the techniques I listed above. In my sample, I used the technique of 'low key' and relied on shadow and light to add drama to my still life.

Day 57 - - Texture
Day 57 -

If you are looking to add visual interest to your images, texture is a great place to start! 

Texture is very versatile it can be an eye catching main subject and focal point or fade into the background adding depth and contrast. It can include intricate patterns and colors. Here are a few examples to get you started thinking texturally; leaves, sweater, brick wall, peeling paint, herbs, wood grain, coffee, feathers, seasonings. 

With so much texture all around us, what will you choose?

Day 58 - - Splash
Day 58 -

Splish, splash, I was taking a bath!  Well, not really.  This geyser in Iceland was not an ideal place for taking a bath.  But, it did make for an interesting photo.  This geyser went off every 4 - 6 minutes, making quite the splash.

Make a splash today and photograph it.  Any kind of splash will do!  Use a high shutter speed of 1/250 or higher if you want to freeze the motion of the splash.

Day 59 - - Through Glass
Day 59 -

Use your creative muscle today and shoot through glass.  You can shoot through a back door, window, or shower door. You can use a lens ball or a wine glass or a goblet. For the example shot, I put my lens ball in a tree and then I turned it upside down when I edited to correct the refraction. Make this as easy or as a difficult as you feel led today!

Day 60 - - Where I Stand
Day 60 -
Where I Stand

Are there days when you have no idea what the actual day or date is?  Today being a "bonus day," thanks to 2024 being a leap year, makes keeping track of days and dates even more of a challenge.  I love that on the cruise ship we were on, the day of the week is displayed each day on the elevator floor.  

Where do you stand today?  Is it some place special?  Do you have a Thursday routine that you want to document?  No?  In honor of February 29th, try moving twenty-nine steps from a familiar place--your front door, office, off your regular walking path--and photograph where you stand.  Whatever you do, make the gift of this extra day count!


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