The Joke's on Me

by Lysle - January 21, 2021

Are you serious about your photography?  I certainly am.  At times I can be a little bit too serious.  Sometimes I just have to bust loose and let it go!  I usually like to make fun of myself and 'selfie' day is the perfect outlet.  If I can make just one person smile then my 'bust out' is deemed a success.


I like to capture humour in a controlled setting.  I also like to use myself as the subject because, honestly, I can do what I want and it's often easier than recruiting an 'unwilling' or 'reluctant' model. I often ask friends and family to help out and I know exactly who will look at me skeptically and tell me I'm 'mad' and who will totally get it and go for it!

 I also prefer a controlled setting because finding humour in real life requires patience and luck and being in the perfect place at the exact time, not to mention being super quick with the camera.


The most important rule of comedy is make someone laugh with someone not at them.  For this reason I choose models who totally get what I am trying to achieve and approve of the image before I post it.

In an uncontrolled situation, and especially with strangers, always remember the pitfalls of a failed joke!


Humour plays a huge role for me. It allows me to study the character of my friends and family and most importantly of myself.  It allows me to set up a 'situation' and tell a unique story with all its idiosyncrasies. Humour is diverse because it can be silly, sad, relatable, loving, or affectionate.  


Humour is a great way to communicate ideas and unite people.  Humour in photography makes one not only laugh but really consider something. Humour tells a great story. 

Go ahead!  Relax, get loose and make someone laugh today!