Please Don't Pet My Peeves

by Lysle - May 10, 2024

I don't have pet peeves; I have whole kennels of irritation!

Pet peeves are actions or things that you find particularly annoying.  While they are not criminal behaviours, they can be offensive enough to you that you might feel the need to take action in a minor way such as the "rolling of your eyes" or by giving a resounding 'pfffttt".  

We've all had the experience of feeling annoyed by the actions of a family member, friend, stranger or even by technology.  A prime example might be the way in which a roll of toilet paper is dispensed (I don't like it from over the top!) Some pet peeves are universal and some are personally motivated. Everyone has their own standards and their own set of pet peeves that can really rock their boat!

Blog-04-24-No.1jpg-Top photo cameras

As pet peeves go, they apply to almost everything.  They have their home in photography too!  What might seem A-Okay and insignificant to one photographer, might really gnaw away at the very soul of another. We all have our own rules for what we think is right or wrong. That is what makes this community so great!  We are a creatively divergant group and we learn from one another. There are no Golden Rules! 

Do you have photography pet peeves? I have many personal photography pet peeves that I refuse to pet! 

There are many pet peeves in photography that can start before you even press the shutter button.  Others occur during your shoot, and others still can happen during the processing stage.  Some are funny, some are annoying and some are down right tragic! For the most part, we can live with them!  In the digital age we are given a pass or a "re-do" but we can still be a little peeved!

Let's have some fun with peeves.

Blog-04-24-No.2.jpg three cameras

"Don't pet these peeves"

Don't you hate it when you are out and about and are all set to take some photos when the worst pet peeve of all there anything more annoying than receiving one of these camera warnings?  I do beleive these three things are most worthy of nurturing your photography pet peeves.  Thankfully, they are easily remedied by checking your gear prior to setting out and by carrying an extra card and battery at all times!

Blog-04-No.3.jpg Two moose

"Petting this peeve could be dangerous!"

Why is it that the only time you don't have your camera with you is when you are most likely to see a moose, or a bear, or an acrobat or a some other "once in a life time" event. While you stand there in total awe, you may also be cursing yourself for the absence of your camera!  There are two can dig deep into your artistic repertoir and make a drawing or painting of your subject, or, you can remember to take your camera.

Blog-04-24-No.4.jpg-two skies

"Face the Storm"

How annoying is it when you make plans for a group photoshoot and the weather does not cooperate? It can be disheartening when the day before proves to be absolutely perfect and you are so excited, but the day of the shoot you get inclement weather!  Although it is exasperating, all days are good days and beauty can be found everywhere and in every situation. Sometimes you have to make the best of the weather given.

Blog-04-24-No.5.jpg crooked sunset

"Horizonatally challenged"

Perhaps the biggest photography pet peeve of all is the "crooked horizon syndrome"! While it is not always possible to take a straight picture, it is at least easy to fix it in editing.  Whoosh!  A straight picture is an option, not a rule.  Sometimes a crooked picture is a preference; it can add amazing action and drama to a photo. (But I have to admit, a crooked horizon makes me cringe just a little bit!) How do you feel about a crooked picture?

Blog-04-24-No.6.jpg dog and pole

"I just snapped"

How funny is Jane's picture?  It's a classic example of what happens when someone who does not have the same creative idea of aesthetics that you may have takes your photograph. It does make for a fun memory and a story to tell!"

"Do you like my hat?"

I always get a giggle when a pole or tree grows out of one's head! It can be funny but also really ruin a photo if you just can't 'not see it'!  Remember to have a look through your view finder and plan your shot, unless you like this look!


Blog-04-24-No.7.jpg no legs

"Oh crop!"

I am not sure about you, but when someone else takes my picture, the first thing I ask is 'are my feet in the frame?"  If you get the chance, you might want to make sure the whole leg, including the feet, are in the picture.  You can always edit from the shoulders up if you end up legless.

Blog-04-24-No.8.jpg pears

"Blue 'by-you'"

The white balance pet peeve!  One of my biggest pet peeves is taking a whole series of photographs, only to discover afterward that my white balance is wrong.  I call them my "blue phase" and my "orange phase" depending on on my tungsten or floresant or natural light mistakes.  A good way to avoid this pet peeve is to check your white balance every single time.

Blog-04-24-No.9.jpg still life with pig

Back to the crooked picture problem but with time with a no crop solution.  Have you ever taken a picture that is so crooked that it is in fact unfixable without losing part of your image? The throw away pictures are always a big disappointment.

Blog-04-24-No.10.jpg spots


Last on my pet peeve list is the spotty picture.  Nothing is more disappointing than taking a beautiful picture only to discover later that your lens or sensor are dirty and your picture is spot riddled.  Remember to check your lens for smudges and smears and keep a lens cloth close by.  It is also a good idea to have your camera sensor cleaned professionally from time to time.

There are so many pet peeves in photography.  I have a few but perhaps I am just a fussy person and/or just easily irritated!  Thank goodness most pet peeves in photography either really don't matter and are for the most part easily remedied.  Here are a few more!  It would be fun for you to add to the list in the comments!

Photography pet peeves to keep on a leash!

  • Photobombers
  • People who insist on doing "bunny ears" or one finger salutes
  • People who refuse to have their picture taken ;) 
  • Uncooperative subjects
  • Blurry photos
  • Wrong lens
  • Wrong equipment
  • Not enough time to get your camera out of your bag when something amazing happens
  • Sun glares
  • Rain spots
  • Being told "you must have a really good camera to take such good pictures"
  • Cold hands while taking pictures
  • Forgetting your tripod
  • Figuring out the technology of post processing
  • Uncreditied photos
  • Over processing
  • Being told, "You got really lucky with that shot"
  • Not having enough time to set up a shot
  • Forgetting your camera is on 'timer'.....
  • Forgetting your camera is set to multiple shots
  • Sudden wind gusts
  • Setting up an elaborate still life, taking the pictures, taking it all apart, looking at pictures, don't like, setting up again!
  • Driving in the car as a passenger and seeing amazing opportunities but your driver won't stop!
  • Being told "that's not safe"....even when it really isn't!
  • Broken equipment

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