by Lysle - December 14, 2022


There have been some big and exciting changes here at 365 Picture Today!  As the saying goes, "the only constant is change"!  We would like to introduce you to our new Creative Team for 2023. 

Your Creative Team for 2023!

We will very much miss Danette and Joy.  We will miss their creativity and hard work in making this community so special.  We are grateful that they will continue on as 365 Picture Today members. 

BUT......what next?

 Amy, Diane, Kris, Lee and Lysle would like to introduce two new creative team members!


Drum roll......



Introducing, none other than, LESLIE!

I was born a 'visual thinker' and have pursued art in one fashion or another most of my life including majoring in graphic design.  But as a homeschooling mom across thirty years, intentional artistic expression often took a backseat.  

In 2002 I cut my teeth on photography with a "Canon Rebel XTi SLR. No. D: it was the film age!  But after I beat it to death, along came cell phones and an easier--and less costly!--way of recording my children's growth.  "Real" photography was laid aside.

When I learned about 365's halfway through 2015, I was ready for creative expression again and relieved to know using a mediocre Android phone was acceptable.  I spent the next two years honing as many skills as I could with a device that had the most minimal of capabilities.  Quoting Mitch McConnell, nevertheless I persisted.  When I was ready for a Big Girl camera in 2017, I took a chance on mirrorless technology with a Sony a6000.  It was one of my life's best decisions and has been perfect for my going interest in street photography here in Williamsburg, VA.

This year I was blown away that the 365 Picture Today would find me worth of becoming a partner.  But even if I wasn't, I'd still be enthused to be a member of the coziest corner of the social media universe.  I look forward to my eighth year of taking a photo a day and I look even more forward to seeing what our members share!  Happy clicking. 



Welcome back to the one and only GARNETT!

In January 2015, I started my photography journey.  I had no idea how to use my camera on manual mode or any inkling about how to manipulate lighting! As for editing....well that wasn't even on my mind. Somehow, I made it through that year and I learned and improved and then learned some more!  The community was unlike anything I had ever experienced; people from all over the world were encouraging each other and helping each other. I was hooked!  I have not missed taking a photo a day since. 

In January of 2017 I became part of the Creative Team of the former Capture Your 365.  I was amazed at how many different personalities, backgrounds and photo styles could come together to form a cohesive group.  It worked...and it worked well.

When it was announced that Capture Your 365 would not continue after 2019, I was devastated!  My devastation was shared by many the community members as well.  How could we keep in touch?  What would happen to our relationships? That is when Lee, Amy, Kris and I decided to start a new group in order to keep the community together.  And that was the birth of 365 PictureToday.  I cannot begin to tell you how hard my teammates worked to make it our own, but we also needed to keep the community interested.  We were blown away by the support.

I, personally, cannot find the words to express my appreciation to the team and the community.  You have gotten me through some of my darkest moments with love and support.  When I took a break from the team last year to deal with a family tragedy, I had no idea another catastrophic event would take place just weeks later.  Looking back, it was definitely the right decision.  

I was thrilled that after my break, the team welcomed me back.  I am excited to get back to work and I am looking forward to an exciting new year of photography.

We are so honoured and happy to have Leslie join us, and for Garnett to return to us on the Creative Team.  As members of 365 Picture Today, you are in for a big treat!  Let's make 2023 be a year of beautiful pictures, new friendships, continued friendships and fun!




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