Everyone Loves a Quiz!

by Lysle - January 15, 2022

Welcome!  Today marks the first month of your photographic journey. It is no small feat to take a picture a day for 365 days, to follow the prompt and to have the courage to post it! It is your challenge, your project, and your journey.  You are not alone though! With your friends here at 365 Picture Today you will be encouraged and applauded by this very welcoming community. Today is the first month of training, but by December 31, you will be standing on the podium hoisting your trophy and the community will be cheering you on.  May the games begin!

Are you ready? We at 365 Picture Today have composed a light and fun PHOTOGRAPHY QUIZ to help you get started and keep you going.

Let’s have fun. Fill in this form to get your Photographer Personality Profile results!

22-01 Blog-LB-Lysle with camera
Do you have the following?
Are you willing to share your photographs?


Do you take your camera and/or phone with you everywhere?
When you photograph something such as a sunset or a sunrise, on average how many shots do you take of the exact same scene?

22-01-Blog-LB-sunset collage

Have you ever photobombed a stranger's shot?
Have you ever been photobombed?

22-01-Blog-LB-photobomb (me behind)

22-01-Blog-LB-photobomb (me in front)

What do you do when you ask a stranger to take your picture on your phone or camera?

22-01-Blog-LB-camera manual

What do you do when a stranger asks you to take a picture for them on their phone or camera?
How often do you lose your lens cap?

22-01-Blog-LB-Lens cap eyes

Have you ever gone out to take pictures and discovered you do not have your memory card or battery inserted and don't have a spare?
What do you do when you are taking pictures and your memory card is full?

22-01-Blog-LB-batteries and memory cards

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