Community Spotlight - Cheryl Toms

by Diane - May 16, 2023

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m no spring chicken but like an old dog, I can still learn a trick or two! Eleven years ago, I moved back to my hometown area, Campbellford, Ontario , married my high school sweetheart, and retired from the Correctional Service of Canada the following year. Retirement has given me the opportunity to pursue interests, such as painting and photography, I just never had time for previously. Living on a dead end country road, on approximately 600 acres of farmland, pasture, ponds and mixed woods, gives me ample opportunity for wildlife and landscape photography.

Cheryl Toms

How did you become interested in photography?

I’ve never considered myself creative, and over the years, I have dabbled in many crafty and artistic venues, never excelling at any. However, Diane and I have known each other for over thirty years, and I followed her photographic journey and was compelled to learn more. So I lurked in the background before having the courage to step in.

Cheryl 1

 What do you enjoy most about photography?

Photography marries well with my other love, painting. The learning curve remains steep, but when one compares their photos over the years, it is very rewarding to actually see an improvement.

Cheryl 3

How long have you been doing a 365 project and what led you to start in the first place?

As I stated, I was a lurker for over a year just enjoying the photos, grasping the prompts, and seeing everyone’s different personality, perspective and interpretation of each prompt in their photos. In 2020, I decided to fearlessly jump in and take a chance. In hindsight, that decision was critical to my personal wellbeing and has helped me through some very difficult times

Cheryl 4

What are some of your favourite apps you use with your photos?

That’s a wonderful question because every app I use is a result of group recommendations. The only apps I ever used prior to joining the group was for travelling, never photography. Perhaps my favourite is yet to be discovered? But for now, I enjoy Snapseed, BeCasso, PSExpress, PIP apps and Live Collage.

Cheryl 5

How do you keep motivated to take a photo a day?

Each and every member motivates me to post daily and inspires me to be better. Some days I jump in with both feet, ideas flowing, then other times, I’m scratching my head wondering what will I do? But, posting every day helps me focus, clears my head and if that’s all I accomplish that day, I’m good!

Cheryl 6

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Trust yourself and just do it! Truly, there’s so much to gain from being a member of such a diverse, creative, supportive group AND you get to travel the world from your home.  We all had to start somewhere.

Cheryl 7
Cheryl 2

You can find Cheryl on Facebook at @Cheryl Toms and on Instagram at @tlcacres

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