Are You a Nature Photographer?

by Garnett - April 13, 2024

When I ask you if you are a nature or wildlife photographer, what is your answer? I'm guessing that most everyone reading this thought "of course not!" You don't have to own an enormous or expensive zoom lens or a tripod with a gimbal to be a nature photographer! If you enjoy taking photos of flowers or animals in your own yard or close to home or when you travel, you are indeed a nature photographer!


I believe we can all be intimidated by labels. And sometimes photographers who label themselves as "wildlife, nature or birding photographers" can be a little full of themselves! I'm here to tell you that you should not be intimidated. I mean, unless we plan on selling our photos to National Geographic, who cares! 

The photo below was taken in Glacier National Park and there is a very funny story behind it!


We had arrived at the lake right before sunset because we heard a Moose Cow had been frequenting at that time. As I rounded the corner with my little point and shoot optical zoom camera, I found about a dozen "wildlife" photographers wearing camo and using tripods with very expensive zoom lenses. They were all facing the same direction and there was nowhere for me to stand.  One of the "gentlemen" actually made a snide comment when he saw my camera.  Hubby told me I had every right to be there. So while they were staring across the lake, I saw movement to my right.  There she was!  The moose! I crawled behind the photographers, got to the end of the line and starting clicking away. After I had taken several shots, I told them they were missing it.  Ha! So who is the real wildlife photographer here!


I tell you this to reassure you that you do not have to be intimidated! Whatever camera you have is just fine. When we traveled to Katmai to specifically see the Brown Bears fishing at Brooks Falls, I brought my Canon 80D Crop Sensor with a Tamron all in one 18-400 mm lens. Did I get some looks from the Jumbo Lensers? Of course I did! But who cares.  Hubby took photos with his cell phone that came out great. If you enjoy wildlife, then get out there and photograph it and don't worry about what anyone else thinks!


Let's say you don't travel or just enjoy taking natural photos closer to home. Have you ever wandered around your yard, or a park, or anywhere outside and started to look very closely? About 99 percent of the time, you can find an insect on a plant. Butterflies... dragonflies... bees... ants.... they are all there! Don't take a plant for face value, get in there and see what else is living there. If you photograph it, you are a nature photographer!

dragonfly 2

Do you enjoy photographing Spring and Fall?  Winter and Summer?  Blossoms and Leaves?


If you do, call yourself a nature photographer!  

Are you starting to get it? Labels can be intimidating. Labels can make us feel "less than." I hate labels because they force you in a box.

So I want you to think about what you enjoy and just photograph it. Use your best camera or use your phone or anything in between. And do not let anyone tell you that you aren't welcome to do it!


Each of the images I have included in the blog make me happy. Some have stories and some are just my everyday. I will never be one to submit an image for publication. I just let myself enjoy the images and share with those who appreciate them.

I hope this blog gives you the confidence to get out there and capture the images you want. Do not be deterred by your camera or lens! And please do not let anyone make you feel inadequate while you are doing what you enjoy!

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