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Vintage - Where I Stand - 12 O'Clock
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Welcome to 365 Picture Today!  We aim to create, nurture and sustain a community rooted in photography and friendship that shares the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, accomplishments and disappointments, of everyday life by taking a photo a day.

In 2023, we will continue to provide you with daily prompts with words designed for encouragement and motivation.  There will be weekly themes, monthly prompts, quarterly challenges and a new extra challenge project to help and inspire you to take your daily photographs.  The prompts are meant to be the  ‘starting off point’ to document your daily life through the joy of photography.  There are no rules and no “Photography Police”... this is your project!

We are an open hearted, non-competitive, open minded and loving community.  Our goal is to spread the love of photography and to celebrate the beauty we see through our cameras to the eyes of our fellow community members. 

We look forward to you signing up on this incredible journey!

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by Amy - November 21, 2023
With the holiday season right around the corner, it's the perfect time to add to your camera bag! As photographers, we love to hear what other photographers use and why! So whether you're putting a list together for Santa or need a gift idea for a fellow shutterbug... we've got suggestions galore!
by Diane - November 16, 2023
Welcome to this month’s “Community Spotlight” where you get to know a little more about the talented photographers who are part of our 365 Picture Today Community. Meet Lynda Geith!
by Diane - October 21, 2023
Long exposure, technical challenge, 365picturetoday

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