Day 8
Bubble Bath Day

Who doesn’t love a long hot soak in a bubbly tub? You can do that today! But you may or may not want to photograph yourself doing it! Whether you take a bath or not, think about what relaxes you.

Today you may want to experiment with motion blur and long exposure? This makes for some gorgeous waterfall photography and you can practice at home with any running water.

Here are some basic settings as a starting point for capturing water in motion:

  1. You will need a tripod or some other way (rice bag or bean bag) to steady your camera.
  2. Use a shutter speed of 1/15 or slower
  3. Use a very low ISO setting
  4. Use a very narrow aperture (at least 10 but consider going up to 20 or 22)
  5. If you are in an area of bright light, you may have to use a neutral density filter to reduce the light coming in. You generally do not want to shoot long exposures during bright sunlight.

Consider other ways to photograph water. You can use your tub, sink or hose. If you have a body of water or waterfall nearby that would be great. If it is cold and frigid where you are, you can photograph ice or ice formations. 

What calms and relaxes me?


Daily Prompts

January 2020