Day 17
BootLeggers Day

99 years ago today, prohibition started in the United States, so apparently became legally dry.  So, this obviously didn’t go down well with a lot of people in the States, hence the birth of the bootleggers.

I live in Belgium and this country is famous for its beers.   So I used the common beers that we have in our house, with their glasses, I only filled one, and only used five of the bottles (odd numbers work well in photos and art), but I took this from so many different angles to make sure I got the look I was after.  I liked this one because the first one is in focus on the third and I have a line of bottle caps going off into the distance out of focus but in a line.

Do you have a favourite drink, alcoholic or not?  Have some fun trying different angles to photograph them.


Daily Prompts

January 2020